Friday, August 20, 2010

BooK That HavE ReaD and goiNg tO be ReaD

Just finished read a book Arousing Suspicions by Marianne Stillings. Very sexy suspense. A good story indeed (walaupun cover buku tu menimbulkan isu-isu seksualiti hehe sebab tu saya tak letak...ala, bukan teruk mana pun gambar tu...cuma peluk-peluk je). It is a story about a dream interpretor named Tabitha accidently involved in a series of murder cases  in California which lead her to Inspector Nate Darling, a young handsome detective. She who has a gift that can see a vision of someone's dream just by touching them, interpreted one of her clients  whom having a few bad dreams - and it's all about murdering people. Next day, a news came out on someone being murdered and the surprise is the victim was being murdered exactly like the visions Tabitha had from her client. Inspector Nate investigate the case but seems not to believe Tabitha.  But after another cases which had the exact details like Tabitha's information, he suspects Tabitha may have connections to those cases. Kalau nak tahu selanjutnya, baca sendiri ye hehehehe..Morals of this story are appreciate your gifted talent and do not underestimate someone's talent. Even though people might not believe you, be strong and confident of who you are.

Okay, continue to read another book or books, I guess ;). 'Re-inventing Tara' by Lennox Morrison and 'Mister Fabulous and Friends' by Celia Brayfiled


pelangioren said...

i read 're-inventing Tara'..nice book laa, even aku baca x abes pun..sbb tulisan dia kecik sgt..sakit mata..

continue giving review books oke..
sbb kdg buku byk sgt, xtaw nk baca yg mane..huhu

ninaAlona said...

Oooo yeke...ok..ok aku bca nnt...tu la..aku x leh klu x pegang buku sehari...ada je menda kat tgn aku...pttla aku jd pustakawan heheeh