Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SaD StoRy

Tetiba nak tulis cerita dalam bahasa asing.Boleh je kan~~^^

Not feeling good today.Why?Because still feel sleepy.Four days of holiday makes me feel so good to wake up late and indeed i wake a little bit late.Plus taking some medicine pills cover my long period of sleep.

Nice time I'ved on last weekend but there are a few things make my mood really swing.My left eye suddenly left a clear red mark(eventually gets slightly bigger).Today make it twice I have gone to clinic to ensure that my eyes are OK.Yes, the doctor explanation relieved me.It's not an ill.It's just a trauma of hitting something or a bug came into the eye.The recover part maybe take some times.I hope not to longgggg I have to wait.Really, it makes me feels uncomfortable.People look at me like I am an alien(YES!!with one red eye anyone will thought me as an alien.STRANGE ALIEN!)

Last Monday, went to lecturer's son wedding bash.Nice wedding.But me not looking so nice.How can I be?With my red eye, do you think I look nice?Ohhhh NO.I don't want to go at first but afterall what my lecturer have done to me,I don't think I can't let pass of this plus my best friend will come to pick me.Definitely I have to go.Thank to God, I have my reward after that.I will not tell you - aha NO ^^

I just hope i will recover this uncomfortable situation as I feel less confident each time I met people(you know what I mean).Oh really.

*Get back to work now

p/s:Ariza,aku jumpa Irsalina kat sini.Dia kerja kat UiTM gak ^^


i-za said...

ko dh sihat?? huhu..
oo.. kt ptar gak ke? t kirim salam kt dia ye..