Friday, July 02, 2010

'PaNas' LaGi

Aku tak tau apa nak cakap ni. Memang terasa panas. Just opened my profile on web and someone just typed few comments which were DISGUSTING. And that was from someone i knew. Asking of stupid, ridiculous thing. Really annoy me. To think that person is so called "friend", it makes me feel really want to throw rocks at him. But what makes me feel more annoy, it's just I can't give advice to him as I am his so called "friend". Truthfully I don't know him anymore. That is too much.

What is so good asking girls to be "ONE NIGHT STAND". Don't you get it? It's disgusting and you're muslim. Even married already. Huh, some men are not to be trusted. I am dissapointed.


i-za said...

hmm.. guys r all the same.. giler!